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Achieve Business Eminence with Our Laravel Development Services

Laravel is a PHP Framework for Web Artisans which opens the new dimensions of security and performance of the web-application. At Techuz, one of the leading Laravel development company in India, our developers use this framework to build innovative applications for our clients. Our Laravel development services focus heavily on security, scalability and performance and using the latest Laravel architecture makes it very easy to achieve these goals. Some of our best applications are developed with Laravel in combination with AngularJS, ReactJS, Node.js and MongoDB.

Why Choose Laravel?

  • Effective Authentication

    Laravel was built focusing the security feature. So, it has the most effective authentication process.

  • Stable

    One of the most important reason behind Laravel’s popularity is that it is very stable and easy to maintain.

  • Abstracts Complex Functionality

    Laravel abstracts complex functionality by using simple commands.

  • Faster Caching

    Laravel makes your web-application super smooth with backend caching. This gives an exceptional experience to the users.

  • URL Routing Configuration

    User can open the desired content with URL routing as all Laravel routes are defined in the app/Http/routes.php file in the framework.

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Our Laravel Expertise and Offerings

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    Laravel Development Services
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    Trending Laravel Technologies
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    End to End Architecture
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Using amazing features and functionalities of Laravel and its MVC architecture we provide various Laravel services. Being a client of a top-tier Laravel development company, you are assured to get the most sophisticated, feature-rich and high-quality service that gives you an edge over your competitors.

  • Custom Laravel web solutions

  • Laravel CMS development

  • Laravel extension development

  • 3rd party app Integration

  • Laravel E-commerce solutions

  • Laravel mobile app development

  • Laravel RESTful API development & integration

At Techuz, we thrive to extend the horizon of our knowledge and the technology we use. Therefore, we embrace and incorporate the latest Laravel technologies to offer superior experience and benefits to our clients and develop state-of-the-art solutions.

  • Monitoring queue with Laravel Horizon

  • Browser & API tests with Laravel Dusk

  • Building real-time WebSockets app using Laravel Echo

  • Laravel Cashier for Stripe's and Braintree's subscription billing services

  • Laravel Homestead pre-packaged Vagrant box

There is no doubt that Laravel is a highly scalable, secure and robust backend technology. But in order to develop a perfect end to end solution, we integrate it with frontend technologies, databases and APIs. At Techuz, we use the best supportive technologies that make our Laravel solution an impeccable complete package.

  • Front End development with Angular, React and Vue.js

  • Database - MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

  • API development using Restful API & GraphQL

  • Responsive layout using Bootstrap

Every industry these days needs significant online presence. Whether it be a small or large industry we help you to attain the prominence by providing you reliable and scalable solutions using Laravel. Our Laravel development services is ideal for various Industries such as:

  • Medical

  • Education

  • Shopping

  • News/Media/Entertainment

  • Finance

  • Education

  • Tourism

Hire Professional Laravel Developers

Hire our magnificent team of dexterous and experienced Laravel developers who can do wonders for your project. Our seasoned Laravel developers are proficient in building scalable, secure and powerful web-applications using Laravel. With the thorough knowledge of every feature of this amazing PHP framework and top-notch coding quality, our developers can execute some of the most complex concepts in your project. Hire Laravel developers from Techuz and leverage the power of PHP to achieve business eminence.

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I didn't want a firm who would just develop my website but a firm who can strategize and provide architectural help for my brand. Techuz has fulfilled all my expectations to establish my brand Mr Button. Now I am running a successful e-commerce store in India. I will highly recommend Techuz as integral Web solution provider as they understand the business needs.

The team has delivered our requirements successfully and we are very content with the results. Communication with the team was great. They quickly understand requirements, ask questions for further clarification, provide clear feedback & updates and are easily available for alignment calls. We would recommend Techuz for web design, development and deployment projects. We are even looking forward to working with Vaibhav and his team for our new project.

Thanks for the good work. Great WordPress knowledge. This job was quick and efficient, they followed my instructions and tasks quite easily and also had a timely plan. Weekly Skype calls and direct communication also helped the project succeed. They are great developers and I’d be happy to recommend them to those who have a job related to WordPress.

Techuz team worked on changes in our app to polish the product. Getting the final details correct has made a massive difference. Thanks to Mahavir and the team. We are delighted with the Play More Tennis App and looking forward to working with them in the future. Given the complexity of the project, I'm very pleased with the way it progressed and its final outcomes.

Deepak, MD

Mr Button

Maurice, Founder


Görkem, Co-Founder


Brian, Project Manager