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A Time-Tested Process to Built Your Startup Idea

We’re a team of developers and designers who’ll work on your idea with the same zest as you do. We understand that to build an idea you believe in, you need a proven process and expert team that you can count on—and our Startup Development Model provides everything that you need.

What is our Startup MVP Development Model?

Techuz’s MVP Development Model is a time-tested MVP development process that has helped several startups to launch their products within the tight time frame of 3 months. Our focus here is to reduce the time to market by building the core features of the application and help the clients to validate their idea in early stage. At the same time, we also focus on delivering the utmost quality that helps our clients acquire more customers and propels the product’s growth.

Why Take Startup MVP Development Model?

We know what it takes to innovate, solve the real world problems and launch yourself in the market because in our early days as a startup we have gone through all. That’s how we invented our own unique MVP development framework employing our experience of helping startups for the past 7 years. Our reliable MVP Development has also been proven helpful to several startups to achieve funding and get into the major accelerator program.

  • Validate your idea at an early stage
  • Launch your product within 3 months
  • Save money - our development process is pocket-friendly
  • Achieve scalability with top-notch product engineering

What’s in Startup MVP Development Model?

  • Ideation and Project Comprehension

    The first step is the hardest, indeed. That’s why we got your back - since day one. Once you have an idea of your digital product, we drill down to generate a hypothesis and define its core value proposition. We find the answers of questions such as what problems does your product solves, what value does it cater to the user and how will it provide it. This leads to a better understanding of the project and identifying if the idea will appeal to the users.

  • Planning and Strategizing

    Success is not a matter of luck - it’s created. But first, it must be strategized. Once we have comprehended the vision of your project, and before our designers and developers could start working, we make a plan for it. We analyze your market and competitors, make wireframes and prototypes and perform user testing to validate the hypothesis of your project. Even evaluation of right technology stack and tools for your project is performed at this stage.

  • Product Design - UI and UX

    Product Design is the stage where your product gets a visual identity. Based on the approved prototypes, our designers initiate the UI and UX design. And as they say, a great design is an amalgamation of art and science - we blend each digital touch points of the product with our out of the box creativity backed by UI/UX principles and latest designing trends. Our designs provides you everything that your product needs to provide outstanding user experience and resonate your brand philosophy.

  • Developing the MVP

    Alright, so this is the stage where all the magic happens. Our team of dedicated web and mobile developers brings the designs to life. We are a full stack development company - from the front-end design to the complex backend logic everything is done in-house that enhances the coordination and results in product delivery on time. Along with delivering the MVP in the minimum time frame, we achieve the top-notch quality by following the BDD (Behavior-driven development) and TDD (Test-driven development) development approach.

  • MVP Launch

    MVP is developed, meticulous quality and user testings are performed, and now, it’s time for the launch. Before making the MVP live to the user, we share it with you over a staging server for final testing. And once it’s approved by you, we deploy your application to the server for your users.

  • Maintenance and Scaling

    Once your MVP is in the market and acquired a good customer base, it’s time to scale up by adding new features and functionalities on the list. At this stage, we start the new phase of the product along with performing maintenance and fine-tuning the MVP as per the users' feedback.

Startup Case Studies

  • GetLitt

    GetLitt is a book reading platform designed to encourage the reading habit among children. We helped the clients to develop a complete end-to-end web, iOS and Android solution starting making wireframes to UI/UX design and backend development. The entire platform is gamified with features such as gamified visuals, rewards systems, reading levels, achievements (XPs and point) and social collaboration that makes the reading experience pleasurable and improves the child’s engagement with the application.

  • RightArm

    RightArm is a unique crowdfunding platform that brings the givers (donors) and receivers (campaign creators) of goods, materials, time, services, skills and money together at one place. The platform leverages crowdfunding to create an altruistic community of givers and help those who are in need - the receivers. We created this crowdfunding platform with necessary features for all the three parties - donors, campaign creators and moderators. We implemented Neo4j database to effectively operate data of millions of users and executed advanced algorithms to match relevant profiles in real time based on task and cause.

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