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Big Enterprise-grade Apps to Meet Your Big Goals

We develop enterprise-grade apps or to say big apps that require - intense research, technical deft and sophisticated technology. All these - so that when it comes to achieving your big goals - your app breaks no sweat.

What is our Enterprise Development Program?

Enterprise-grade applications are vastly different from the general web and mobile apps. They have complex business logic, require sophisticated architecture, scalable platform, seamless integration and compliance to highest security practices. And to execute all these, you need a reliable team and most importantly a proven process. That’s when Techuz’s Enterprise Development Program comes in. It is our tried and tested process to develop enterprise-grade application which has helped our 60+ clients.

Why Take our Enterprise Development Program?

We have been developing huge enterprise-grade applications for SMBs and corporates for the past 8 years. This has endowed us with experience and insights into what it takes to develop huge applications and turn your concepts into a business-ready application. Our Enterprise Development Program is one of the most comprehensive ones in the industry with 50+ skilled professionals covering every detailed aspect of your product - from brand analysis, market and competitor research, UI/UX and architecture strategy, developing testing to deployment and scaling. We take full responsibility of your digital product and its speedy delivery while maintaining the utmost quality.

Features of our Enterprise Development Model

  • Agile Process

    We follow the Agile way of development with Scrum for huge enterprise projects that allows to prioritize and deliver the core features, reduce time to market, provide a high level of flexibility, receive feedback and respond to changes quickly.

  • Research-Based Product Design

    A product designed with deep research underpins a pleasing user experience. Our UI/UX and visual designers conduct varied researches and gather insights to design a product that’s easy to use, intuitive and improves user retention. We also perform design workshops, prototyping, usability tests and client collaboration as part of our Agile process that gives you an added advantage.

  • Flexibility in Team Scaling

    Our experienced dedicated team of designers, developers and QAs are at your disposal whenever your project needs resources. We ramp-up the team as per your directions and to meet the project requirements or time to market. The same goes for descaling when you feel like you need to cut the resources. Scale-up or scale-down your team - anytime!

  • Best Security Practices

    Our enterprise-grade solutions guarantee the highest level of security as we comply with the best coding, testing and hosting practices. We adhere to the necessary security principles as per the needs of the project and your industry. We comply to Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) to prevent any vulnerability, PCI compliance for payment, HIPAA compliance for healthcare industries and even provide third-party audits whenever the project demands it.

  • Scalable Architecture

    A scalable and secure architecture is one of our highest considerations for enterprise applications. Whether there is a surge in traffic or your user base gradually increasing with time, we configure your servers to handle the high load easily.

  • Lifelong Support

    As a part of our enterprise development program, Techuz provides you lifelong support - whether you need minor bug fixing, migrate to new technology or re-engineer your product in future. Soon after your project goes live, we provide you free 2 months support and maintenance for any bug fixing or updates that come under the project scope. And after that, you can opt for a yearly or task-based support plan as per your needs.

Enterprise Case Studies

  • Every Watt Matters

    Every Watt Matters is an energy auditing and retrofitting company based in the USA and Mexico helping their clients, including MNCs from Fortune 500 companies, to monitor and reduce their electricity cost. We have developed an innovative energy audit software to automate their audit process and boost their efficiency. This has led them to focus more on their core work of auditing by eliminating the manual work and grow their business.

  • DatoBox

    Datobox is fieldwork management and monitoring application. We have developed a solution for our client that makes the fieldwork management more transparent, improves coordination among the team and sends accurate data in real-time. We have also integrated functionalities such as geolocation, digital forms, digital signature, survey, scanners and more that makes the management process easier and efficient. The solution is applicable to improve the productivity of varied areas of the business including - trade marketing, mobile CRM, inventory management, technical reports, customer satisfaction surveys, auditing and more.

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