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LED Auditing Tool

Every Watt Matters

We have developed an energy audit and retrofit solution for EWM that has sliced their workload to half and escalated the productivity

  • Duration

    12 Months

  • Deliverables

    Ipad app, WebApplication

  • Technologies

    Codeigniter, Swift, HTML, MySQL

Project Brief

Every Watt Matters is leading LED auditing and retrofitting company in the USA and Mexico. They provide energy usage analysis and audit service to various MNCs including Fortune 500 companies. In order to help them to boost their efficiency, Techuz has developed an innovative energy audit software that has automated all the manual work. This has resulted in boiling down workload to half and grow their business.

Challenges we faced

  • Generating huge PDF report and proposal

    EWM software automates all the task that takes a lot of time to perform manually. And generating an audit report is one of the most time-consuming tasks. All the audited data and analysis had to be automatically generated as a PDF that includes, text, current and new inventories, photos, current electricity bill and new electricity bill with yearly saving, etc.

  • Analyse & Match The Products

    We had to match the existing light data with new LED lights that can replace the old ones and then automatically generate a proposal in PDF which they can send to the client in one click.

  • Online-Offline sync between multiple devices (web and mobile)

    All the data and analysis collected is securely stored on the web server. However, many a times internet connection may not available while collecting data. In that case, all the data collected should be stored on the device and later it can be synced to the web.

Key Features and Solution

    • 1

      Automatic report and proposal generation with all saving calculations was a very important part of the solution. EWM are getting huge leads that requires proposal creation, with all the intricate and complex calculations. All these takes a lot of time. We implemented “wkhtmltopdf” library to generate the 1000+ pages PDF report and proposal smoothly in the fraction of a second.

    • 2

      Mapping of data was the core part of LED auditing software as it would compare the huge parameters of existing data with new parameters and generate the comparative result with graphs. So we developed the mapping algorithm in PHP which can swiftly compare data input to generate the result.

    • 3

      We developed the online-offline sync feature with an advanced algorithm that automatically transfers the data to secure server when internet is available.


Our energy auditing software has helped Every Watt Matters to focus more on the core work of auditing. Our software has eliminated the manual work of preparing reports, matching the products and making the proposals. All these processes are now automated which was once performed manually on the paper. This has helped them to boost efficiency by spending more time on audit and less time organizing the data, reduce errors, improve transparency, earn more profit and ultimately grow their business.

Glimpse of the Project

Feedback From Client

The engineers from Techuz can quickly digest information, allowing them to produce excellent code that meet highly technical requirements. Other highlights include phenomenal communication and project management. Their ability to adapt is impressive.

Jhon T.

Project Manager