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Crowdfunding Platform


An altruistic crowdfunding portal for a social cause

  • Duration

    12 Months

  • Deliverables

    WebApplication, UX design, UI Design, SRS, Wireframing

  • Technologies

    AngularJS, Node.js, MongoDB, Neo4j

Project Brief

RightArm is a one of a kind crowdfunding platform that brings the “Receivers” and “Givers” of Goods/Materials, Influence/Goodwill, Time, Skills, and Money at one place. It matches the Givers & Receivers for the Projects/Tasks and helps them collaborate on a particular task or cause. While for the unmatched Projects, RightArm continuously hunts until a match is found. The platform also provides feature to assign responsibilities and roles for the task. This Giving & Receiving can be happened for free, at a discounted rate, or at full price. Techuz has developed this platform using the MEAN stack, Neo4j-graph database and MongoDB to handle its heavy database, huge traffic and the complex relation between users fluidly

Challenges we faced

  • Designing a Unique Database

    Our first challenge while developing RightArm was to design a unique database that satisfies the complex relationship between millions of users.

  • Multiple Degree Connection Like Linkedin

    We needed to implement a multiple degree connection feature just like Linkedin for RightArm.This feature was important to extend the network of connections among the users.

  • Matching the users based on cause

    We had to make sure that the users viz giver and receiver match according to their relevant interest, task or cause for maximum benefit.

Key Features and Solution

    • 1

      We implemented Neo4j graph database to solve complex relationship among the users in such a way that it effectively operates the heavy data of millions of users.

    • 2

      Techuz has executed some of the most amazing social networking features such as multiple degree connections among users and custom one to one as well as group chat using the Ajax and Nodejs. We have also added company page creation feature that allows users to create their page and invite other users to follow it. All these real-time social networking features were incorporated in this crowdfunding portal using MEAN(MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Nodejs) stack.

    • 3

      One can imagine complexity to match millions of the profile in real-time. Our team started exploring and we found elasticsearch, node.js and Neo4j as the perfect solution for it. We implemented it with the advanced algorithm that made it possible to suggest and match relevant users based on task, cause and other similar criteria.


After the continuous effort of one year, our team has successfully delivered a scalable and serverless web portal which can handle millions of Http requests at a time. RightArm is now one of the most successful crowdfunding platforms in Singapore and India. It also has been recognized as an official partner by well-known welfare organizations such as Business for Good and Beyond Social Service.

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