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Kid's App


An app that helps to nurture children’s talent

  • Duration

    3 Months

  • Deliverables


  • Technologies

    Angular 2

Project Brief

An app focused to nurture the talent of the children at early age. It understands the child’s potential with the data entered by their parents and suggests personalized activities, games, videos and tips that help to hone child’s future in the right direction. Not only that, it is packed with amazing features such as tracking child's milestones, syncing events with smartphone’s calendar and weekly reports based on tasks.Thechuz has developed the frontend of this children app using Angular with the RestAPI provided by the client.

Challenges we faced

  • Child Development Chart

    All the reports about the child’s activities and progress should be displayed in a chart form for analysing child’s development.

  • Kids friendly UI and UX

    Since Kidokit is a children app, the UI and UX of the app should be highly engaging that the children would love.

  • Calendar Event Management

    Scheduling and notifying the parents in order to effectively manage the child’s development activity.

Key Features and Solution

    • 1

      Based on the data filled by the parents, Kidokit recommends personalized games and activity for the child’s development. It also provides weekly reports and result of each task in child development chart.

    • 2

      The app provides user-friendly content that includes pictures, video presentations and games for the children making the it more engaging.

    • 3

      Parents can synchronize the all event and activities with their phone's calendar to get notified.


The children app is helping many conscious parents to take steps for their child’s development at early age. The app is uncovering the child’s potential and providing apparatus to shape their future in the right direction.

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