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Job Marketplace

Job Bookers

A Job Marketplace for Freelancers (UpWork Clone)

  • Duration

    7 months

  • Deliverables

    Wire-frame, UX, UI Design, Payment Holding in Third Party Account, Web Application.

  • Technologies

    AngularJS, Laravel, MySQL, Stripe Connect.

Project Brief

JoBo or JobBookers KLG is the first marketplace platform in Switzerland for jobs. Here, people can post their projects and requirements to hire the freelancers or companies for their projects. On the other hand, the freelancer and agencies can also display their profile to get hired for their expertise.

Challenges we faced

  • Smart Matching Algorithm

    The clients wanted to make sure that the people posting jobs can find the perfect matching freelancers for their project. Thus, in order to do that we had to implement the algorithms that allow connecting the right companies and freelancers to the job posters.

  • Customized Payment Management and Fund Holding

    It’s but natural to have a secure and efficient payment management at any marketplace. Here, we not only had to integrate a secure payment gateway to the platform but also customize it as per the needs of the clients and execute some complex logic necessary in the job marketplace.

  • Profile Management

    In order to make the profile management easier, the accounts must be set up in such a way that job posting and applying could be done with the same account.

Key Features and Solution

    • 1

      Our developers have implemented the advanced algorithms that can find the perfect match as per the user’s need. The smart algorithms can explore the millions of the profiles and fetch the best matching freelancers and companies for the users.

    • 2

      The client was looking for a custom payment gateway, so we opted for Stripe which provides superior customization options as per the project needs. We also executed some complex payment management features to ensure the smooth flow of payments. For instance, payment holding feature that reserves the money with the platform until the task provided in accomplished by the freelancer.

    • 3

      Jobo provides detailed reviews and ratings of the freelancers as well as the history about the number of projects/tasks accomplished by them. This makes it easier for the users to hire the right candidate for their projects.


Jobo has become one of the most popular job marketplaces of Switzerland within in no time. It is among the top favourite platforms for people looking to hire freelancers and freelancers looking for a gig.

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