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121 Lessons

Marketplace connecting tutors and students

  • Duration

    3 Months

  • Deliverables

    WebApplication, Mobile App

  • Technologies

    Laravel, Android, Objective C

Project Brief

121 Lessons is a portal that works as a marketplace to connect the students and instructors at one place. Instructors can register themselves to provide training while students can search for the relevant tutors for the skill they wish to learn. Techuz has developed 121 Lessons with exceptional functionalities and features making it a perfect marketplace for the students and tutors.

Challenges we faced

  • Referral and Gift Voucher

    121 lessons must have the feature of referral and gift vouchers that can be redeemed to buy lessons.

  • Location-based Search

    Searching for instructor according to the location, i.e. the town, city or area code.

  • Club and Organization Service

    Feature to register as a club or facility that allows people to find the details of all the instructors who take one-to-one lessons at the club.

Key Features and Solution

    • 1

      Users can refer their family and friends and get paid on their successful sign up. They can even send gift vouchers that can be redeemed to buy any coaching session from the platform.

    • 2

      We added location-based search feature that allows students to find the coach or tutor available nearby using the ZIP code, name of the town or city. They can even check the reviews and rating of the instructors before before they schedule the coaching session.

    • 3

      Clubs or organizations can list all resources available such as the number of instructors available, their qualification, experience, etc on the platform. We have also added the subdomain feature to promote their services. E.g.


With 121 Lessons finding tutors for learning skills has been made easy. Students can book lessons according to their convenience at their fingertips while tutors get a marketplace to sell their pedagogy. So it is a win-win situation for both students and tutors.

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